Saturday, May 5, 2007

Food Taboos

I read about food taboos. It’s talks about some kind of food taboos; for example, 1.Some food taboos are obvious-like something have poisonous. 2. Some food taboos are self-enforced-like vegetarians. 3.Food taboos can be based on religious beliefs 4.and some food taboos are based on traditions, customs and perceptions of the society, and sometimes also on the appearance of the food. And other thing is it explains what is a delicacy and introduces two specialties from China and Norway.

I knew all food taboos in this website, so I wasn’t interested in this part; it make me feel interested in specialty. Because it introduces a creature from Norway, this creature is a fish steeped in lye, and has a distinctive taste and smell and also looks rather strange.
So, it let me know a new strange creature in the world. But some Norwegians eat it and some Norwegians do not. It’s the same situation in Taiwan; some people eat snake and insects but some people do not, I don’t eat it either. Finally the world has many kind of food taboos.