Saturday, March 1, 2008

How to solve the food problem in our world (Research Paper)

What is food? Food is a very important resource for keeps people life, but now we are faced the food crisis. In almost of the world the fertile land is becoming less and less. We don’t have enough fertile land to grow food. Therefore, it becomes a very serious problem when our foods begin to have crisis that can cause we die because of no food supply. We must to find solutions for solve food crisis, because people have to rely on food to get energy, if no food supply anymore people will die from no energy. Next, solve the food problem also save the land. Lands can become fertile again. Finally, if land becomes fertile again, we can grow more trees and plant to create good environment. Depend on these reasons we must to solve our world food problem.

When food become less that will be a very important for everyone because we have to rely on food to keep our life. Therefore, the world food problems become very serious and important. Now, in the world begin have food problems. Our fertile lands are degraded and population grown to cause world food problem. People become more and more, so we have to produce more and more food for this population growth. However, we do not have enough fertile lands to grow food and we already used the land for other purposes. People use the fertile land for growing crops and grazing cattle or for producing biofuels. Then, we don’t have good manner to use the land because we make the soil degraded and erosion. According to an article in Share the World’s Resources, “The majority of soil erosion is caused by water, either through flooding or poor irrigation, with the rest lost to winds. Farming practices such as ploughing also damage soil, as does repeated planting in fields, which depletes the soil of nutrients” (Global Food Crisis Looms as Climate Change and Population Growth Strip Fertile Land, 2007, para. 4). Another serious problem is we log the forest too much cause the deforestation and make too many pollution to pollute soil and land. Therefore, we must to solve these problems for stop the food crisis.

First, we have to change our attitude and manner to use lands because people do not have right attitude and manner to use lands. We use some fertile lands for grazing. According to Common Dreams News Center “the maps reveal that more than one third of the world’s land is being used to grow crops or graze cattle” (Ravilious, 2005, para. 1), so it reduces the number of lands that have fertile we can use to grow food. Another wrong attitude is farmer use the wrong manner to use lands. Farmer always uses land again and again when they are planting food. However, it is very harmful to our land when we do not give the land a rest to replace the nutrition in soil, we cannot grow food anymore. Therefore, replacement is a very important first step to solve food crisis.

Second, stop and reduce harm our land and resources. In this century we live now have a lot of people, so we have big population. Therefore, big population make big problem because people start to damage environment. They make deforestation and pollution. Deforestation means logging a lot of trees, but it is very harmful for our environment. Trees are very important protection for soil because trees can protect and prevent soil and water from going away. However people log tree a lot, so it makes a lot of water and soil are lose from the land and lose good environment of the land to plant food resources, because we lose the fertile land. Also, people make pollution damaged the environment, it cause soil become so bad. Plant foods need good and health environment, but polluted water and soil it make we cannot grow good food because every plant will die from pollution. According to Miller (1994), “air and water pollution from extraction, processing, transportation, and combustion of fossil fuels used in industrialized agriculture (p.43).” In the end, we have to stop harm our land and resources.

Third, we can discover and eat other food resources because of the fertile lands are becoming degraded, so we cannot have enough food to supply our societies. However, we do not have to eat the food we plant from the land, so discover new food resources become very important and necessary. In our world the seafood is not from the land and we do not have to plant it, so seafood is good resource to solve our food crisis. Sometime we can eat seafood to instead when we don’t have enough food to eat. Moreover, sea is a big world under the ground and it has a lot of created live in it, so seafood is good way to solve food crisis. Then, aquaculture is another solution for some countries cannot have seafood. Aquaculture means fish farming. People breed fish and eat it to instead crop. According to Miller (1994), “aquaculture supplies about 10% of the world’s commercial fish harvest (p.46).” and “it can produce high yields (p.46).” Depend on this people do not have to worry about food problem. Moreover, we don’t have to eat the food we plant because we can try to eat wild food. Wild foods grow itself we don’t have to feed them. The wild food like some plants or insects can grow itself without care and feed, so we also can eat it to reduce our food crisis. In fact, according to Miller (1994), “Scientists have identified many plants and inset that could be used as sources of food (p.44).” Therefore, these two food resources are good resources to try.

Opponents of some expert think food problem are not a serious problem and we can use money to get more resources. However that is not a good way to solve food crisis. In our world now we already do not have enough land to grow food. Dr. Ramankutty said, “Expect for Latin America and Africa, all the places in the world where we could grow crops are already being cultivated. The remaining places are either to cold or too dry to grow crops” (Ravilious, 2005, para.11). According to this we can know if we don’t care about the food problem that will become very serious problem. It can mean that we don’t have any food to eat or plant to supply people in the future. Second, using money to get more resources, it goes against the nature. If we don’t replace the environment and just pay more money to get more food resource constantly that can cause everything to become nothing one day. We just pay more and more money to get resource and still do not care the condition about the land, so the environment is still bad. Thus one day the money will be consumed. Finally, countries will become poor because of the bad environment and bad economy. Therefore, stop the na├»ve thinking and stop to waste money for get more food resources. Using money on solve food problem and environment is a very important and best way to rescue country.

In conclusion, food problem is becoming a serious problem cause no food supply, because food crisis is caused by many reasons that we can prevent, so we must prevent food crisis and care about it. To solve food crisis we have to change our attitude and manner of using the lands, stop and reduce harm our land and resources and discover and eat other food resources. Following these methods will help to solve our world food problem. In the end, people should help environment. It is equal to helping themselves to live happily.


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Clone is changeful!

In Guterl’s (2008) article, he explains that cloning for livestock is good. First, he introduce the clone is allowed to product and shows some food expert they said clone food is safe to eat and indicate U.S and Europe they both want clone to label and product. Later he makes some question to ask the clone is good and safe to eat or not. Then, author introduces the profit about elite cow and how can elite cow make good profit. The importance is the cloning is the latest and most powerful reproductive tool and also he told us the U.S. farmers already have clone cow and it already entered in the food supply. And then the author explains we do not have to afraid it because even thought some clone cow have some problem, but it doesn’t hurt people.

In this article the author talk about clone. He gave us some information and gave some advantage about clone. Clone is really not a harmful thing because it is not really harm people and provide us good food. Also, clone helps framers earn more profit. Clone is a high technique in the world. It brings too many convenient things to us. Cloning provides high quality meat, fruit and vegetable. Then, we do not have to pay a lot of money, but we can eat it. Therefore, clone should continue to use.

First, clone can provide us good food. In the past we did not have clone this kind of high quality technique, so everyone just can eat what they feed. They did not have choice, but now it can be change. Clone is a technique can copy one good genetic to create the same thing. Therefore if we have one food resource that is really prefect and valuable that will be a good chance to make more good food resources. Moreover, we can begin have more and more good food resources to eat and that will become easy. We can begin have high quality and health meats, vegetables and fruits. Depend on cloning we can easily to offer good food for everybody and people can eat more good food now.

Second, clone can create more food resources because clone can copy and extract the genetic material, so depend on this cloning can create more food resources. We can extract the genetic from one and mix to another one to create new food resources or depend on cloning we can change one food resource’s live habit. For example, if the food resource is very weak to gown up, like it can die very easily we can make it become stronger. In the past when we do not have this kind of high quality technique we just can eat and plant what food we already know or have, but now in the market we already have some fruits and vegetables made from this kind of cloning. They have new taste and new looking, so it can become our new food resources, because cloning create the new food we ever have before. Therefore, clone is great because it can offer we more foods to eat.

Third, clone is not harmful because it is high technique, so we can believe clone is safe because high technique cannot have risk or it can reduce risk. In the market and farmers already have clone food for sale and people already eat it, but until now nobody get problem form eat cloned food. Everyone is safe to eat clone food. Also, expert indicate even thought the animal got some problem itself, but it is not harmful to customer when they eat it (Guterl, 2008). Therefore, we can know clone is harmless and changeful we should continue to use it.

In conclusion, cloning is a good technique to change our life and give us a lot of new things. Clone can provide us with good food, it can create more food resources and it is not harmful. Also clone prove our technology is improved because depend on this technique we can create more new food resources, provide high quality food. Depend on clone framer can provide good meat to customer, but it do not cost too much on farmer and customer. So, according to these advantages we can know clone is helping us to improve our marketing. Therefore, clone is a good choice to use to improve our society.


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Dangerous Cell Phone

Do you using cell phone while driving car? It is a common behavior to want to use cell phone when they are driving. However, it is very dangerous. Now, in the Untied States already have some states where begin to ban this behavior because it has some potential dangers. Using cell phone while driving car causes a lot of serious problems that make people die. Therefore, using cell phone while driving car should be banned, because personal problems, economic problems and traffic problems.

First, it is personal problem. Using cell phone while driving car makes people cannot able concentrate to drive. People just talking on the phone do not notice about traffic changes. Moreover, using cell phone during driving is equal people drive when they are drunk. According to Curry’s article “using a cell phone while driving to the impact of driving legally drunk” (Curry, 2003, para. 02). This is because people using cell phone on the drive do not have a clear mind to notice the traffic changes and they do not know when they should change their speed for preventing to hit other cars. So, people using cell phone during driving car cause the accidents. Therefore, for prevent these kinds of accidents using cell phone while driving car should be banned.

Second, using cell phone while driving car can cause economic problems. It causes people and government to lose money. When people using cell phone while driving car that will increase the gasoline waste. The reason is people just concentrate on talking on the phone, so they will slow down their drive speed and do not change to the fast speed way because they don’t know which way is fast can let them arrive quickly. Therefore, it take a long time to drive and people have to pay extra money to buy extra gasoline. Next, when the accident happened, people get injured by the accidents and the cars and roads are also damaged, so people have to pay extra money to see a doctor and repair car or buy new car. The government has to pay money because of making the road back, like build brand new road for people to drive. Therefore, using cell phone while driving car should be banned because it causes everybody to waste money.

Third, using cell phone while driving car cause traffic problem. It makes the traffic jam. When people using cell phone while driving car they slow the speed and do not change to the other fast ways or some road do not have too many cars. And usually on the highway always have a lot of cars. If the highway doesn’t have a lot of cars that will be fine, but if there have a lot of cars and too many people using cell phone during driving car that will make a big traffic problem. It is make everybody slow down and become a traffic jam. Using cell phone during driving car that waste people’s time, make people have more long time when they going to work and cause traffic jam. Therefore, it should be banned.

Opponents of using cell phone while driving car some people say they still are fine when they are using cell phone while driving car. In addition, some people say sometimes they have to pick up some important or emergency call, so they have to use it. However, these things are not true and totally wrong. The truth, using cell-phone while driving car, affects people to drive and their safety. According to an article in Ezine Articles, “chatting on your cell phone makes you four times more vulnerable to a serious car crash than someone who does not use a cell phone while driving” (Morris, 2006, para. 1). Next, some people say they have to use cell phone during driving car because they have to wait or talk about some important or emergency call. However, now we can do some method to change this situation. The method is like use the hand-free headset, make a distance that we can reach thus we don’t have to bend to answer and use the phone when we stop driving (Curry, 2003). Using cell phone during driving is really bad because it can cause accident. And now we can have a lot of method to prevent using cell phone while driving, so using cell phone while driving is not necessary anymore. Therefore, using cell phone while driving be banned.

In conclusion, using cell phone while driving car is a really bad and dangerous behavior for everyone. It causes people to have accidents, economic problems and traffic problems. It makes get hurt and die and pay extra money on it. Therefore, we love ourselves, and we better follow the expert’s direction. Use the hand-free headset when we are driving, make a distance that we can reach thus we don’t have to bend to answer and use the phone when we stop driving. In the end, the most important good way for protect our life is not use cell phone while driving and ban it.


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