Sunday, April 22, 2007

Amish This is a web site I read. This web site is like a museum and talks about Amish. They introduce everything about Amish, like their lifestyle, history and school. And an important thing is they introduce a trip to go to visit Amish country and go to have an experience about Amish, like eat their meal and do their work. The web site also offers products about Amish, like Amish Doll and some different kind of book of Amish, but you cannot order online; you need to call a number to order. Finally, they also have a page to introduce how to join and support their member!

When I read this web site I am so interested in it because it explained Amish lifestyle and have some picture about Amish. So it let me feel interested. And this web site introduced their trip about Amish country, where you can go to eat what Amish eat, go to see Amish house and do their work. It’s a good trip. It can let us know knowledge of Amish. So, I think if maybe one day I will go to Amish country with my friends!


tom said...

I hope you get to visit the Amish- I know you'd like them! Nice weblog, Yalanda!

khalil said...

Go to the Amish country with your friends and enjoy your time Yalanda>>>.