Thursday, April 5, 2007

This is my reading!

Cohabitation nation is the site I went to; I think it’s a chat book that can let people talk about their feeling. They talk about how they feel about cohabitation without marriage and a book whose name is “Unmarried to each other” and several links. Everybody talk about their feeling about those. And this web site was made Marshall Miller; she is an author of those books and she also is cohabitating without marriage. She put on several links that let us find something about cohabitation and some different relationship.
Than, when I finished these I feel cohabitation is not a bad thing. It’s very common now; most boyfriends and girlfriends do this. I don’t think this is principled, because it can let boyfriends and girlfriends know if they match or not. And in my opinion I think they are a couple, so if they do this way I don’t think they are doing something wrong. Now, if is a new century so we don’t need to follow the old concept. Cohabitation is a natural thing now.

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