Saturday, September 8, 2007

RRJ no.1


BBC NEWS (2007, August 30). Overseas sales give Diageo a life. Retrieved September 3, 2007. From


In this article, the author reported about overseas sales. Some beer company sells their product overseas. They sell their beer to China, India, Europe, Africa, South America and Canada, and then all of that is successful. This project almost raises their profit. This report also indicates some kind of beer is not popular in some country but it can be popular in other countries. Finally, because these projects are very successful, the Diageo chief executive Paul Wash said they will make these sales more stronger in the future.


After reading this article I think this article makes me feel sell overseas is a good idea! Because these sales can offset some part that is not good. Maybe some products are not popular or successful somewhere, but it will be popular and successful in another place. My father’s company also has overseas sells. We produce stuff and sales those things ourselves for domestic and overseas. So, today, finally I know why my father wanted overseas and domestic sales, because it can make more profit and earn more money. Make more and find a lot of ways to be successful!

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