Monday, September 24, 2007

RRJ no.3


BBC NEWS (2007, September 15). Bus trip goes global to Australia. Retrieved September 18, 2007 from


In this article, “Bus trip goes global to Australia,” the author explains how and why travelers chose bus to go to Australia. The travel company ruled out a conventional long airplane flight and used the bus route, which will take in 20 countries, then will use one short flight at the end. The bus will stop every night for camping and hotel resting in the country they pass through. And this plan can let this group stop and look at this pretty view we never have chance to see.


After reading this article I am really surprised, because they don’t use flight to go to Australia. They just use short flights and ferries and go overland and totally use the bus in this trip. This travel company’s purpose is for their passengers to have a chance to look and enjoy the beautiful view that they pass through. And I really like this travel plan because I like enjoying the view. This trip will pass through a lot of country to arrive at their destination but will stop at some country to get a rest and to enjoy the view. I really like this part, which is so romantic and interesting. So, I decided if I get a chance I will join this travel plan in the future.

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