Monday, October 1, 2007

RRJ no.4


Bean Yancey, K. (2007, September 20). U.S. tourists flock to revamped Cancun. USA Today. Retrieved September 25, 2007, from


In Kitty Bean Yancey’s article, “U.S. tourists flock to revamped Cancun,” she explains how Cancun’s tourism is getting better. In the earlier time Cancun had a lot of damage, but now it is having some resorts and commission. Cancun opens a lot of upscale hotels and Club Med. Most of them customers are U.S. tourists, making hotel occupancy have a good averaging number. Meanwhile there is a new terminal opening for international visitors in May. Therefore, it is shining on Cancun tourism.


After reading this article I am really happy for Cancun’s tourism. It is shining on another tourism. And as I said before, tourism is an interesting undertaking. It can create more tourism facilities and improve an economy. In Cancun’s case, after damage, they redid to build a hotel and Club Med, but it is better and more attraction than before. And it is good these kinds of hotel really attract people to come, especially U.S. tourist. Therefore, I am happy we can have more tourism undertakings in our world.

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