Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Global warming should be prevented

In Shaoni Bhattacharya’s article, “Global warming threatens millions of species,” she explains why animal and plants will become extinct because of global warming. First she indicates animals and plants will become extinct because the climate changed. Some of them will stay in existence, but some of them will die. Second, she explains a study paper that is research Thomas did with his colleagues. The important thing about global warming is that climate changed. And Thomas also indicates the effects of climate change will be habitat destruction, invasions by alien species and overexploitation by humans. Third, Thomas said some species can survive but some will still be confined to a particular area. So, he said it should be related to government. Government should to do some strategies for global warming.

This case shows global warming will make climate change. Next, climate change should be considered as similar to habitat destruction, invasions by alien species and overexploitation by humans. And these things will make a lot of animal and plant extinction. Therefore, government should begin to find some solutions to prevent global warming, like cutting emissions of greenhouse gases. And these are a kind of good solution to protect us. It can make species safe, educate people and make a better life environment.

First, these strategies can make species safe. Global warming has begun to push a lot of species to the edge of extinction. So, if we still want these species alive, we have to do it. In this world we have a lot of unique species, but global warming affects by pushing them to extinction. However we have to keep them alive, because they are unique and valuable. And it also will affect tourism. If some species are disappearing, then we will lose some kind of thing to help our tourism. Therefore, we should prevent extinction and protect ourselves from global warming.

Second, we can educate people in this way. In this century, our technology is developed. We have a lot of electric equipment and scientific stuff we can use, but these kinds of stuff cause global warning. So, we can teach people how to prevent global warming’s becoming worse and educating them to love our earth. We must teach people not to use these kinds of things that will cause global warming too much. In the end, by saving species we also can save human’s lives.

Third, we can make a better life environment. A good environment is a very important thing for every creature. A good environment helps everything grow, giving humans and species good environment to live.

In conclusion, global warming is a really terrible thing for our world and earth. It makes a lot of things disappear, but it is caused by humans. Humans use a lot bad stuff to cause global warming. Finally, it pushes our species to extinction, but now government begins to stop global warming from becoming worse. Therefore, some of species should survive.


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