Monday, October 29, 2007

Penguins must stay alive

In Michael Wines’s article, “Penguins: Adorable and endangered,” he explains penguins’ life, lifestyle and history. In this article some scientists talk about penguins’ history. They said in the past we had a lot of penguins an the coasts of Namibia and South Africa. But now they mostly live on some island. And this article talks about what kinds of penguins we have and their characteristic. It explains how adorable they are. Then, this article talks about why penguins are becoming endangered. It is about environment and climate change. Specifically it has to be fishing, climate, egg stealing and oil pollution. Now, some organizations have started to protect and help penguins. And some penguin lovers have donated or give penguins more homes because these things are a big problem for penguins.

Penguins are animals on the edge of extinction in the world. Penguins have become less and less in the world. One day they will disappear. It is a terrible thing for everyone in our world. Penguins are adorable and they are one of the special animals we like to see. We cannot let penguins become extinct. We need to begin to reduce something that will cause penguins to be extinct and give penguins protection. Finally, we cannot let penguins become extinct; we also can prevent global warming and we can keep penguins alive for our offspring.

First, we cannot let penguins be extinct; we need to keep them alive. They are an animal that belongs to our world. They live on our earth and make us feel happy when we can see them. And they are a harmless animal for our society, so why do we watch them become extinct. We have to keep penguins alive and protect them. Thus, we can still see the lovely penguins and let penguins make us happy.

Second, to protect penguins we also can prevent global warming. Global warming causes climate change, so if we have some strategies to protect penguins, we also prevent global warming. It is a good thing to do for encouragement. We can from do one thing to get two results. And these things are good for both humans and penguins.

Third, we should keep penguins alive for our offspring. We do not want our offspring to just be able to watch penguins on television or in book. They cannot see this kind of lovely penguin in real life. That’s a kind of melancholy thing for our offspring and our world. In the end, we have to keep penguins and help penguins stay alive. Thus our offspring can see this cute animal in their real life.

In conclusion, now penguins are animals on the edge of extinction in the world. A lot of organizations start to protect and help them. Penguins are one of the wonderful animals in our world. Therefore, when penguins get endangered we have to protect them. I like penguins. For me, they are adorable. I support the idea that penguins must stay alive.


Wines, M. (2007, June 04). Penguins: Adorable and endangered. Retrieved on October 23, 2007 from Lexis Nexis

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