Wednesday, September 19, 2007

RRJ no.2

BBC NEWS (2007,September 10 ). Golf tourism could boost economy. Retrieved September 11, 2007. from


In this article, “Golf tourism could boost economy,” the author explains why golf tourism can boost Northern Ireland economy. They have statistics that show if golfers spend Euros that is worth 15 Euro in the local economy, and golfers don’t care about the weather. Chairman of the Northern Ireland Tourist Board Tom McGrath said that they know golf tourism is a very important sector for them. So, they have some excellent golf products and courses. Therefore, this way they can advance the potential economy growth.


After reading this article I found that improving economic growth has a lot of ways to do it in the world. Every country and company will find a chance to improve its income. In this, Northern Ireland improved their economy by golf tourism. Every country wants to promote their tourism, because it can advance its economy and makes them more popular. In this article golfers boost Northern Ireland economy, and that’s good for them. But I think golf tourism probably will just be popular for a while. After that will become not special, so they will have to think of other ways to improve their economy. But this is also a benefit to tourism, because it can create a lot of interesting things for everyone to try.

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